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Small amounts of money donated from time to time by family and friends add up to a miracle. The main sources of funds:
Macy's yearly SHOP FOR A CAUSE is a national day of support for our community. This event allows eligible non-profit
organizations to sell shopping passes for $5 each, giving the purchaser a chance to shop all day and receive discount on their purchases in- store/online on a designated day. The organization keeps 100% of the proceeds.

Yearly raffle for cloth totes made from a wonderful collage of fabrics and trim is another way we raise funds.

There is no minimum donation. These are some ways for a donor to give:

  • In Memoriam
  • Honor A Friend
  • For any Celebration
  • Purchase A Word Book

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All of the money raised for CHOOSE TO CARE,is used to purchase a brand new pair of shoes for many children and young adults in need. For Tax year ending 11-30 - 17 Form 990-N(e-Postcard) was submitted on 1-19-2018 and accepted by IRS.

The formal way of obtaining shoes is to apply online at:{} We have partnered with non-profit organizations nationwide and abroad that are focused on the youth. However anyone can refer a child in need and if proven legitimate, assistance will be given.

An unpaid Board of Directors who provides governance, cheered on by supporters who give their donations and assist in our fundraising because they believe in our cause.

We plan to create a revenue-producing project that will sustain CHOOSE TO CARE. We are now at the drawing board contemplating the most sensible move to make this a reality in the future.

We have a deep commitment to issues affecting children around the world. Globally a vast number of children live without shoes and if they do have a pair, chances are they are ill fitting or falling apart. The simple act of a brand new pair of shoes will protect their feet from cuts and infections. Although a pair of shoes does not solve the multitude of problems associated with poverty, it could keep the children in school, brightening their future, giving them dignity and hope.