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We are planning  our Shoe distribution event for the holidays and getting in the spirit of things. Our big day is 12/16/17 and the NAFIA members are gearing up to help us celebrate the youth.  We are planning our theme around Healthy Snacks and want the kids to have hands on experience.  As you may have already discovered, CHOOSE TO CARE is the small organization with dreams of big possibilities.  We are all about doing good for the earth and at each of our events,we are sure to dispense a very simple way  for even a child to do their part to protect our precious world.  If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and pay us a visit.

We are also planning a fundraising brunch, maybe you would like to join us.  Look out for more details, soon!

In the meantime, we have lots to do and we are excited to spread goodness in the world.


Saturday, December 16, 2017